How Critical is it to Upgrade Our Buildings?

How Critical is it to Upgrade Our Buildings?

Friday, February 19, 2021 Buildings Carbon CO2 Emissions Commercial 0

It’s One Thing We Can Do Right Away to Fight Climate Change

Six sectors — electricity; food, agriculture & land use; industry; transportation; buildings; and other emissions — are causing the problem. So that’s where the opportunities to reduce emissions will come from too.

For example, in electricity, increasing energy efficiency in buildings and industry, as well as switching power generation from fossil fuels to renewables and other zero-carbon sources, will be crucial.

Buildings directly emit ~6% of the world’s greenhouse gases, mainly from furnaces, boilers, and leaking air conditioners. But buildings also have a large secondary footprint, accounted for in electricity (at the power plant) and industry (where building materials are made). (J. Foley, “We Need to “See the Whole Board” to Stop Climate Change,” 2/14/21)

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