On-Bill Financing

Upgrading Commercial Buildings with C-PACE Financing

Third-Party On-Bill Financing & Repayment Option

Now’s the ideal time to be looking for energy savings, water conservation, solar, and other improvements, with 100% on-bill repayment options.

Possible Rochester has entered into a partnership with Rich Energy Solutions, a national energy efficiency and clean energy financing provider. Using Constellation Energy and other third-party electricity suppliers, we can put the entire cost of your upgrades on your utility bill, spread out over a five-to-seven-year term.

  • Is your project ready to go, and just needs financing? We have the solution.

Send us a brief overview of your retrofit project, and we’ll provide you with an on-bill repayment option. The best part? This financing is available today, and we can give you an answer in a week or less if we can do the deal.

  • Not sure which measures to consider? Contact us now to get the best analysis, advice, and pricing in the industry.


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Case studies

Atlantic Palace Proposal – Rooftop Mechanical

About Rich Energy Solutions

Rich Energy Solutions LLC, established in 2010, is the leading energy conservation solution company in the United States. The company’s mission is simple: to reduce its customers’ overall energy consumption and expense through a whole-building holistic approach.

The company’s expertise in this arena is the culmination of 100+ years of experience in the construction trades.

“We have been value-engineering projects for our customers since the ’80s. Our extensive background in the construction trades along with our experience developing projects provides us the ability to offer cost-saving measures overlooked by most ESCO’s, engineers, and trade-specific contractors.” – David Rich

Rich Energy Solutions (RES) is a full-service provider offering a turn-key solution for its customers. The company’s infrastructure is uniquely designed to facilitate the entire process from start to finish.

RES will travel anywhere in the US, and at no-charge, survey the property and provide an energy analysis report.

RES will then offer multiple ECM’s, energy conservation measures to reduce the property’s overall energy consumption and expense. Once the ECM’s, energy conservation measures are established, RES will propose the project costs to perform the measures.

If accepted, RES will perform the work, install and warranty the measures.

If needed, RES can provide 100% financing.

“We’re on your side. Our goal is to save you money at the same time providing the most economical method to achieve that goal. Before you waste money hiring an engineer or paying for an energy audit, we will present to you all the information that matters; 1) how much will it cost, and 2) what is the return on that investment. We’ve streamlined the process of helping our customers make the right or avoid making the wrong decision. – Frank Rich

Rich Energy Solutions, owned by the Rich family, dates back to 1918. Liber Rich & Sons Inc. was once the largest and most prominent mechanical contracting firm in the northeast. Along with other construction-related businesses including Rich Fire Protection and Rich Services, the Rich family founded Rich Energy Solutions LLC in 2010 with a specific focus on energy conservation.

Rich Energy Solutions stands alone from ESCO’s, engineers, or trade-specific contractors for their ability to combine analysis, implementation, installation, and financing under one solution.

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