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Use C-PACE in Your Community

  • Upgrade your commercial property to be more energy efficient
  • Get renewable energy with no upfront cost, paid for from the savings over dirty energy
  • Improve your farm’s or industrial plant’s or private school’s — etc., etc. — energy efficiency and use of renewables
  • Install a green or white roof
  • Become a project developer or originator in your community
  • Join the movement to restore and enhance our community using C-PACE.

Take Immediate Action

Apply for C-PACE Project Financing

Get Your Property Upgraded

If you’re a commercial property owner, manager, or developer of:

  • A commercial office or retail building
  • An industrial facility
  • A multifamily building (5+ units)
  • A farm
  • A private or nonprofit institutional building, such as a church or private school

C-PACE can:

  • Finance deep retrofits to existing buildings, reducing energy waste, costs, and carbon emissions while improving the indoor environment
  • Provide up to 20% of the capital stack for eligible items for new development, replacing costly equity and/or mezzanine debt
  • Refinance eligible improvements made in the last three years
  • Provide off-balance-sheet, non-recourse, fixed-interest, and long-term financing  of 100% of the hard and soft costs of your project so you have $0 upfront cost
  • Resolve the “split incentive” in triple net lease situations

A Real “Win-Win-Win” Solution

Through the collaboration of governments, nonprofits, and the private sector, PACE creates security for investors, cost savings for tenants and property owners, and benefits for the community by reducing carbon and improving the quality of the building stock. It’s a triple-win, a slam-dunk, or as some of us like to say, a no-brainer. Let us show you how you can benefit today: Take Action Now.

If Your Project is Not Eligible for C-PACE…

Apply for On-Bill Financing

Help Others Succeed

Become an Originator or Project Developer

If you’re interested in becoming involved as a professional or as a volunteer, please contact us. In certain cases, we will compensate you or your organization for successful referrals to one of our programs.

We work with nonprofits, business and trade associations, and private enterprises to identify and train associates to become business developers, owners’ reps, and community activists.

Sponsor Us and Let Us Support You

Become a Member, Sponsor, or Partner

We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Individual memberships are free, though we welcome donations (and provide tax receipts). Business and corporate memberships are offered on a sliding scale, and sponsors can gain valuable recognition. We also work with a range of strategic partners in finance, energy efficiency, renewables, and conservation. Contact us today.

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